Human/Nature at BAMPFA

May 2, 2009 at 10:27 am Leave a comment

In our last class meeting we were discussing DIY and Craft. Does engaging in the hand-made offer a political resistance to our fast paced, production oriented culture or is it just another way of making more crap? This is a question that has plagued me for quite some time now as I loooovvvvve to make things, crappy or not. I have been trying to justify a practice based on making by re-using, recycling and reappropriating materials that already exist and in this way I can tell myself that I am not adding to all the crap, I am just transforming old crap into new crap. Inevitably I have to use things that I buy new for necessity, convenience, or aesthetic value. Anyhow, while I am not interested in making art about the sorry state of our planet and our role in the whole fiasco, I do like to check out art that does address such issues. Anyone want to go to the Human/Nature show with me at the Berkeley Art Museum? 

Let me know. We can go to Jupiter (brewpub/restaurant) afterward and have a pint. They have  an awesome outdoor sunny patio.


With global outreach in mind, theHuman/Nature project sent artists to various UNESCO world heritage locales and includes artists Dario Robleto, Mark Dion, Ann Hamilton, and Xu Bing.


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camp, kitsch and nostalgia Is this art? -Anna

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