Art is not Communication is not language -Alice

March 30, 2009 at 7:32 am Leave a comment

A brief and novice attempt to draw clearer lines around the discussion last week of art and language… and to pose the question of communication in art.

Agree: that art is a way of organizing the world and that it is also a means of expression. In this is resembles language. This is not evidence enough to say that art is a form of language/that art can be subsumed under the language umbrella or that art is posterior to language.

Source of the conflation: Conceptual art did us the service of exploring art’s formal parallels to language… an exploration that made it look like “finding the source of art in language”. A misconception of the exploration. Such that now- we have arrived at a point where art is made AS language and AS communication and has lost what separates it from these entities in the first place.

Proof that art is separate from language: hmmmm- the fact that it exists in addition to language. And the fact that most conceptual art, although seeming to draw parallels between art and language actually demonstrate the large difference between that two. For example: One and Three Chairs, 1965, by Joseph Kosuth. The photograph of the chair is the realm of art. The definition is the realm of language. The photograph of the chair doesn’t convey what is written about chair. What does it do? It stimulates the brain to conceptualize between 2D and 3D, it invites but discourages from use, it provides an opportunity for humans to congratulate themselves on the fact that humans are unique in conceptualizing beyond the rational (Kant). Becuase animals do have language and they do have communication- but do they have art?

Derrida in ‘Truth in Painting’ speaks much more convincingly about this than I do. The main thing I take away is that I mus remain careful to make works that are trying to say something. This, as a point of departure often falls short of what art can do beyond communication.


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