bauhaus and shoes

February 16, 2009 at 9:27 am Leave a comment

I was really quite happy to read about the Dale Sko Hack project especially. Some years ago I haunted a local shoemaker’s shop hoping to get an apprenticeship. They were reticent to include someone outside the family — three generations of cobblers.  I still think these smaller micro production outfits are really interesting and where my heart lies. ..not to mention the shoes.

with regard to the Bauhaus reading: I was looking into Bruno Taut’s “Onkel-Toms Hutte” Uncle tom’s cabins from 1926.  I was curious how Beecher-Stowe novel became an iconic image for naming the public housing project of 1926.  No easy answer so far. I also read some dish about  a wave of a new age-ish spritiual group called “mazdaznian”  that coursed through the Bauhuas in the 20’s and 30’s: mazdanians were a mystic spiritualist movement that saw the Bauhaus as a compatible community of converts. Kind of tangential but interesting — I have a hard time being interested in just the design aesthetics of the Bauhaus without some of the dish/dirt aka context.


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