Bauhaus Readings (from Alice)

February 14, 2009 at 3:12 am 1 comment

Stephanie’s questions from the syllabus– Is creatively working within the sphere of mass production still viable? Does artistic mimicking of utopian style manage to resuscitate it’s ideals?

The Bauhaus, I still think of it as an ideal era. THese essay certainly shattered my view. Not that I have read extensively misleading writings about a false utopia of the Bauhaus. I guess the primary impulse of the school, and it’s objects managed to slide through history unscathed holding tightly to their promise of utopia. And that is what I have received. Some word quips and objects that look like at some point, someone was trying really hard to concretely fashion a utopia. I don’t care almost what really happened, although the essay were interesting. But because of my personal experience with this example I am want to say that yes indeed, objects carry forward their initial interest, despite the reality of their social lives at the time of implementation in the market. 

The idea that an exterior modification can influence humanity to such a degree- that is a bit shaky.

But even while saying the above, I know I would encourage creativity within mass production, because it might help a little, so why not? It’s difficult though, to put all hopes on this one transformative strategy, but it also doesn’t mean that it isn’t viable. I think the way that it reaches a large population is good and the way that it can penetrate into the home is effective. For although you may not know what utopian strategies are behind the object, the fact that you live with it means that somehow, it is affecting your life.


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  • 1. hwiedemann  |  February 16, 2009 at 3:01 am

    Alice, I agree with a lot of what you have to say here. What struck me also from the article was the Bauhaus spinoff of items mass marketed to an even greater extent. But as you say, perhaps it may help a little to have creativity in larger context. If it’s brightening someone’s day, bringing a little more thought and interest to other…..The “why not” is something I totally agree with, but at the same time know it is a difficult question as it is so easily and readily challenged….I’m still not certain how to defend it as it’s defense to me is obvious.

    What this also make me think of in a current context is Ikea. A mass marketing of mass produced objects, inexpensive, and for the most part well designed. Their motto: “To create a better everyday life for the many people.” Yet many people have many problems with the company for multiple reasons-environmental, economic, and contrarily for “poor design.” I feel like it’s a store that people love to hate and hate to love. A contemporary Bauhaus it is not, but its intentions certainly relate.

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