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today i am blogging in class.

i am doing this because i was just reminded that this is something that should be done. and so therefore. i am doing it now. well, not right now because we are talking and i can’t remember to do anything else when i am talking.

today i am not blogging in class.

also today i am glad.

and i am.



so then i guess this is something technical that i have made, and i guess it takes up space, if only we could spatially represent all the shitty garbage on the internet. 

the size of each thing would correspond to how shitty it is and then we would only be able to sort thing by size, like in golf where the winner has the smallest number. and if only it were that easy. 


obviously internet garbage isn’t going anywhere anyway. there will always be a bunch of trashy trash, it’s like the real world, if we could just get rid of all the shitty junk and shitty people and only keep the good ones everything would be solved. it would be like someone else’d finally got their utopia. i would run around in this theoretical world and break things just so that it could also be utopia for someone else.


and i would like the record to show that i did say “fuck” which is like utopia to me.

-Justin Hurty


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