(by Annie McKnight)

January 26, 2009 at 10:02 am Leave a comment

The investigation of materialistic status and value hierarchies of objects is a concern shared by most jewelry artists today. Things, which we are familiar with, domestic or otherwise, and which carry specific cultural meanings are taken out of their context and are re-assembled, re-contextualized and re-interpreted. But are we still just adding to the accumulation of objects we don’t need…or do we? Objects that are used in a close relationship to an individual can indicate a personal history, declare a relationship to others, and raise issues of identity and status of the wearer. What is worn is a source of constant fascination and curiosity, demonstrating the continual two-way process of expression by one person and the impression it makes upon others. Can we communicate our identities without personal adornment? Is personal adornment nothing more than products that fuel consumerism?

My work currently focuses on challenging the value and authenticity of the jewelry by using non-precious materials with the use of taxidemied mice. But I am constantly struggling with the question: why jewelry? Am I still just making an unnecessary product? These questions will no doubt always be a part of my practice and I look forward to the dialogue and questions raised in this class that will focus on these issues.

–Annie McKnight


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